Announcement November 2012

We are sad to announce at this time, that the show will NOT! be showing this year. It was a tough decision. We have rasied over 2000.00 dollars and over 2 hundred pounds of food for the Genesee County Humane Society. It just isnt possible this year, due to a lot of factors. Hopefully we will see you again in 2013. Once again THANK YOU! your the reason we do it.


Bristol Christmas Light Show

Bristol Christmas Light Show is approximately 60,000 individual Christmas light bulbs synchronized by computer to the music of some of our favorite holiday songs.  If you tune your radio to 98.3 FM, you can see the lights and listen to the music from the comfort of your heated car.

We do this not only because we love Christmas, but also because we get enjoyment out of seeing the smiling faces of those who come to see our show.  It brings us joy to see the excitement and wonderment on the faces of children and adults who still believe in the magic of Christmas.  Come out, watch our show and stay as long as you want.  When you see the guy in the Santa hat, be sure to stick around to say hi and get a treat from him.

Again This year

Due to the pretty good success and Generosity of you the visitors. We will have a collection box for the Genesee County Humane society. If you have some spare change or even a scoop or two of dry pet food, feel free to leave it. It will all be donated to the GCHS in the name of The Citizens of Genesee County and the Bristol Light Show.  Remember, even our four-legged friends need food and a warm place to stay during these tough economic times.